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College applicants are often faced with apprehension and, to some degree, fear about getting into the college of their choice. Often, attending the right college or university can make the difference between average earnings and great career prospects in the future.

College Admissions: Making the Grade


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While it is college admission officers to look first at a student’s high school academic record and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores, beyond that there are many other factors that enter into the equation as possible indicators of a student’s ability and potential for future success.

Participation in extracurricular activities and civic involvement can sometimes be the deciding factor in whether or not a college chooses to accept your child. Many admissions directors are very interested in the quality and make-up of individuals who will be attending their colleges or universities. Thus, it is important for your child to include a “résumé” of achievements and interests with his or her application. Here are some “extras” that may help enhance your child’s college application and further set him or her apart from other applicants:

• Awards

Demonstrate formal recognition of your child’s ability to excel in a particular area.

• Sports participation

Shows your child has a competitive drive and a winning attitude.

• Extracurricular activities

Can also highlight your child’s competitive spirit, leadership qualities, and overall interests.

• Volunteer work and church/temple/synagogue involvement

Could tell an admissions director that your child is active in the community and has good moral character, leadership, and life skills.

• Political involvement

May demonstrate your child’s strong leadership skills and public awareness.

• Work experience

Can indicate your child is responsible and has a strong work ethic.

• Hobbies and special interests

Can give a college or university a better understanding of “who” your child is, in addition to shedding some light on other areas of knowledge he or she may possess.

Any of these “extras” may give your student an extra “edge” when it comes time to apply to the college of his or her choice.

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