Fee-Only Financial Planning and Investment Management

By only accepting fees from clients and acting as fiduciary everyone wins.


Our fee structure is simple.  We only accept fees from clients. This makes us a Fee-Only financial planning and wealth management firm.  At Open Road Wealth Management we will never try to sell you anything where we would receive a commission.  We act as fiduciaries on your behalf. In other words, no cross-selling of insurance, annuities, loans and other products that many companies push.  Your interests are placed first.  Some advisors or planners are not fiduciaries.  They are not required to act in your best interest.  They may sell you a product that is merely “suitable” and not necessarily in your best interest.

If you need a financial instrument to solidify your financial plan, we will not hesitate to recommend it.  If you decide to secure a product or service based on our recommendation, you are free to choose where you go for that product or service.

Fee Transparency

Fee transparency is important.  Good consumers understand that the fees they pay have an impact on their investment returns.  That is why we make sure each client knows how much they will pay by putting it in writing.

Basically, for asset management the fee is 1% annually for the first million with breakpoints after that. For comprehensive financial planning the minimum fee is $5,000 per year.  Discounts may apply when investment management and financial planning services are combined. 


Up to $1,000,000

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